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Premier Dental Studio

"Only nature can make a better tooth!"

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Welcome to our web site!

We are a quality - oriented dental laboratory specializing in crown and bridge work.

Our laboratory is focused on making the most natural looking restoration possible. If you are a dentist that is not satisfied with the work you are receiving and getting crowns that don't fit, require major adjustments, have short margins, open contacts, bad porcelain contours, poor anatomy, etc. You have come to the right place!

- Consistent accuracy will reduce chair time.
- Only "ADA" approved materials are used.
- All model work is "PRECISELY" Pindexed.
- The "HIGHEST QUALITY" porcelains are used.

Our work is 100% guaranteed! Try Premier Dental Studio one time and compare the work with your current source. We are confident you will be extremely pleased. For more information please contact us.

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Attention to detail is our top priority.

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Premier Dental Studio
11901 Meadow Ridge Dr.
Chesterland, Ohio

Phone: 440.729.7325


Precise porcelain applications make these crowns look like natural teeth. Note how occlusal staining adds even more life to these crowns. 


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